About Dobermann Software

Dobermann Software is an entertainment software company founded in December 2005 by William B. The company's debut title, Halo Zero, has been see in much Games Magazines. Halo Zero was also the number one of the TOP 10 of the GameSpot website.

The company's portfolio of games includes Halo Zero, Sonic Xtreme Remix and Halo Zero: Second Mission. All those games are Free-To-Download on this website!

Each member of the team works on his free time, at home, to use the best of his capacities. We want our games to be games of quality and really fun to play.

Support Us

As we don't win money with our games, we ask you for your generosity, thank you!

If you don't have a credit card, you can send your donation by mail to:
Dobermann Software
12 rue des genets
47480 Pont Du Casse